05/03/2012: MasterCard, Obopay,Obopay Licensed Payment Services

MasterCard certifies new phones for use with PayPass NFC technology

MasterCard Worldwide has certified a number of NFC-enabled smartphones for use with the MasterCard PayPass technology, allowing consumers to carry out contactless payments at PayPass merchant locations worldwide.

MasterCard has also unveiled a new brand identifier – dubbed MasterCard PayPass Ready – which has been made available to device manufacturers to use with NFC-enabled smartphones that have been tested and certified by MasterCard for use with PayPass technology.

Obopay Launches Licensed Payment Services for Partners

“The Payments market is quite complex and requires expertise in compliance and working with state and federal regulators to ensure proper licensing, oversight and controls,” said Chris Martin, EVP of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer, Obopay. “To obtain money transfer licenses and maintain them in good standing takes a large investment in time, money and specialized people. By working with Obopay, our partners significantly reduce their time to market and are assured of meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.”

Obopay rolls out Licensed Payment Services for Partners in US

US-based provider of mobile and instant payment services Obopay has made available the Obopay Licensed Payment Services for Partners, a new offering that enables partners to leverage Obopay’s money transfer licenses throughout the US.

With Obopay Licensed Payment Services for Partners, Obopay extends agency agreements to its partners and ensures compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. Partners can also employ Obopay’s connections to a range of payment networks, as well as its risk management, compliance and settlement capabilities that enable companies to deliver services under their own brands.


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